This is my journal of notes,blogs and comments written based on my trips to California. I now live in Munich, Germany together with my wife Diana and I love it. Europe is wonderful but sometimes my thoughts take me back to the warm, glowy light of Los Angeles, the climbing streets and foggy bay of San Francisco, the majesty of the Sequoias and Redwoods, El Capitan… 

Professionally, I am a dentist. I love my job simply because I get to help people. 

In my free time, I travel. I go back once or twice a year to Los Angeles to see my friends, touch the walls I know well, look at the ocean and see a play or two. Then…I get stuck in traffic, I start grinding my teeth and take the first exit towards UCLA, one of the school which gave a purpose to my professional passion. But at the end of the day, there is always a sunset, golden, hazy, warm. Then…I come back home in Munich, a city so green, where the air “tastes” soooo good and the people enjoy a beer in public without looking over their shoulder for who might come. 

Follow me on my trips and see California through my eyes: @SmileMunich

© Costin Marinescu 2016